Takai, created for Hunter x Hunter by Hana.

Takai, the mysterious Hunter


Name: Takai
Age: 17
Weapon of Choice: Daisho
Appearance: Takai is tall and slim, with an athletic build. Her skin is almost unhealthily pale, and her hair seems to be either blond or pink, depending on the intensity and color of the light. Her eyes, protected by rectangular wire-rimmed glasses, are a striking crimson color and usually express a feeling of boredom. Her typical attire is a white formal collared shirt with sleeves rolled to the elbows under a black pinstripe vest with matching fitted slacks and a black silk tie with subtle brown diagonal stripes. The ensemble is completed by tall black leather boots with brushed steel buckles and a matching sword belt that keeps her daisho constantly at her side.

Background: Takai is completely unknown. No one has ever heard of her before. She surfaced recently, acing her test to get her license and then beginning to snatch up any high-cash bounties she could. She's surprisingly nimble and adept at the use of her swords, and can win nearly any game of chicken thanks to her usage of a refined style of iajutsu, the art of drawing the sword.

Goal: To amass an shockingly large amount of money.

Nen Type: Emission

Hatsu Techniques:

  1. Name: The Art of Immediate Response
Type: Emission
Effect: Upon speedy unsheathing of the weapon, a blade of aura is thrown from the sharp edge of the weapon. Size and trajectory are dependent on minute drawing style and speed changes.
  • Must be performed by unsheathing a weapon. Therefore, it can only be performed with a sheathed weapon that is able to be unsheathed
  • Must be performed from a state of calm (usage cannot stem from anger or negative emotions)
Punishment for breaking the rules: Hatsu does not work; instead causes muscle damage to user.