Sora'oso Enta'rion


Chronicles of Rathya


Sora, Sor, Ra, Oso













Theme Song

Starcraft Theme and Send Me On My Way


  • 8'9"
  • 560 lbs
  • two horns that start on the hairline and curve Diablo-style and end over the shoulders
  • hair style similar to Infested Kerrigan from Starcraft(minus the segmentation in each individual strand)
  • cleans every 3-5 days,
  • has a fire tattoo that covers the left arm from the wrist to the shoulder.
  • wears a black hooded trenchcoat and a blacksmith's apron
  • tan skin


Quiet, not very social, but will gladly rip someone to shreds if they've done something they shouldn't have(i.e. murder, cover up something big, hurt someone that just so happened to have Sora'oso as a friend, etc.,)


Glass sculpture, saying "Need a light?" and "You want a piece of me, boy?" at, more often than not, appropriate times.


As a child, Sora'oso was constantly mocked by his fellow Orr'kin for being "weak". Eventually tiring of the other kid's taunts and jeers, he went into a rage and opened a can of whoop-ass on the kids who had messed with him, and discovered he could manipulate sand and stone while he was delivering his due revenge. After the brawl, he went to the local blacksmith and was apprenticed three days later. A few years later, he learned that his teacher had recently begun cheating everyone out of what few coins they had. Confronting him, the elder blacksmith denied any knowledge of what the boy was talking about until a swift kick was delivered to the old Ork's face. After a verbal battle and a severe pummeling, the old Ork finally succumbed to the boy and gave him ownership of the smith and all the tools within and a ring he claimed was made from the sands of the Glass Desert. He died in his sleep fifteen days after Sora'oso's 23rd birthday, and was cremated and cast to the winds. On his 26th birthday, he was given a summons to Meka to help construct parts and pieces for the various machines, items, and weapons produced there.


  • Tribal walking stick
  • blacksmithing tool belt
  • wrist blade on left hand which opens like a switchblade so that the blade is over the back of the hand
  • ring made from the sands of the Glass Desert on right middle finger


Able to manipulate sand, stone and fire, which comes in very handy for blacksmithing. Can also imbue an eye with fire and his own blood to create an Eye of Kilrogg(sort of. Called Eye of Fire for the purposes of the RP).

RP DetailsEdit

  • Created/Played By - soraos21