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Snafu RP Wiki

Here we aim to collect the plentiful creative works that came out of Snafu's RP Forum in a single wiki summarizing the RPs, characters and Worlds involved. Anyone from Snafu RP who wishes to contribute are greatly appreciated and encouraged. May we continue to have such great ideas and great fun.

Snafu RP Wiki Rules & GuidelinesEdit

  • If you would like to make contributions to this wiki you first and foremost must have a username that is identical to what you have on the Snafu Forums.
  • When adding a new page, make sure there isn't already a page like it and you must put it in the correct category, RPs. Characters, World, etc. AND you must set it out like the other pages similar to what you are adding.
  • As a suggestion, you can edit your own profile on this wiki to list both of the RP's you have been in and the Characters you have played. Also, when adding a RP to the Wiki it first must be one of those that are already in play in the Snafu RP forum and thus goes when adding a Character it must be approved by the GM of that particular RP.
  • You also have a user blog in which you can use to post your literature based on your characters or your RPs.

About Snafu RPEdit

The RP Forum is a community of Snafuites who engage in social and creative activities on the internet such as engaging in conversation or taking part in role-playing games.



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