An image reference used for Shinju

Name: Shinju

Nickname: Patience

Order of Creation: First

Medium: (This will be chosen for you)

Artificial Spirit: Efreet, the spirit of fire. It's appearance is a small lion made of flames.

Height: 3 ft.

Personality: As her nickname states, Shinju is a very patient doll. Calm and quiet, she waits for the other dolls to come looking for her, and then tries her hardest to beat them, using whatever means necessary. She doesn't like the idea of killing her sister dolls, but will do so if she is forced to.

Supernatural Abilities: Shinju has the ability to bring other porcelain dolls to life and use them as puppets and lures, as each have the same aura as herself.

Basic History: Shinju was the first made of the second set, so one would assume that she spent the most time with 'Father.' Not so, she was shut tight into her box, where her patient nature developed. She is also the tallest of the dolls, due to her hat and her high-heeled boots. Her name, Shinju, means pearl, referring to her pearl-grey hair and eyes. All in all she is a beautiful, yet ghostly looking doll.

RP Details:

  • Created/Played By: Karo