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  • Name: Sakura ( Cherry Blossom )
  • Nickname: Prudence
  • Order of Creation: Second
  • Medium:
  • Artificial Spirit: Bow, the spirit of earth. His appearance is a carnivorous plant.
  • Height:Two and a Half ft.
  • Personality: As her nickname suggests Sakura is ever careful and cautious and has good judgment as well as wisdom in looking ahead. She is calm, kind and caring to her doll-sisters and because of this she is a very unwilling participant within the Alice Game, but if need be Sakura would hold a steadfast protection for her sisters. With that she has a rather childish personality, but when it is needed she is a rather dominant yet patient figure within the Rozen Maiden set.
  • 'Supernatural Abilities: 'The Manipulation of Cherry blossom vines and strawberry vines, flight, ability to ‘speak’ to nature.
  • Basic History: Sakura was the second made of the second Rozen Maiden set. Like her sister Shinju, Sakura spent limited time with ‘Father’ and even though she is one of the oldest dolls of the second set Sakura has no real desire to compete within the Alice Game and wishes peace and protection on herself and her sister-dolls.

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