Name: Queen

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Type: Anthropomorphic Cat

Appearance: Queen has two physical forms. One is of an adorable Maine Coon Kitten, the other is a humanoid cat, her claws sharp and very strong, her reflexes extremely quick. Queen wears a collar, a certain spell it casts renders most magic useless on her (excluding truly powerful spells). Her claws can cut through anything, and her very sharp teeth carry a poison, a paralysis that lasts for three days after a bite.

Personality: Very self-centered and regal in a sense, Queen’s name fits her ego perfectly. Only taking orders from her creator, Dr. Crooked, and owner Ravynn, she looks down on everyone else. She’s temperamental and enjoys playing with her prey, and is detached and cold towards everyone, only taking pride in herself and showing affection only towards her reflection, and, perhaps, the two people she respects (and fears).

Likes: Yarn, milk, the hunt, a clean kill, Ravynn

Dislikes: Dogs, failure, those she sees as less than equals (practically everyone)

Abilities/Weapons: Her claws and her teeth, coupled with her amazing reflexes make her a deadly weapon. Her ability to transform enables her to become just a regular kitten, the only slightly unusual thing about that is the unnerving feelings that the kitten can express with her eyes. Her collar is virtually indestructible, the only ones with the knowledge of how to remove it and destroy it being Ravynn and Dr. Crooked. It not only prevents magic from harming her, but it channels magic itself, and can be used to cast a shield of electricity around her body, though she doesn’t like using it. She views it as cheating. She has nine lives, and although she wakes up very quickly after each death, each one still hurts as if it were her last.

History/Fairytale: Dr. Crooked had heard, in one way or another, of the reign of Redd over Wondertropolis. However, he had no need for politics or a story of heroes and triumph, instead focusing on one thing: The Cat, Redd’s very efficient feline assassin. Under Ravynn’s urging, he designed his own version of the killer, this time a female cat with certain special abilities to conform to the asylum’s needs, and assigned it to Ravynn. And so Queen came to be, a full grown cat assassin with all the qualities of a perfect, if not very narcissistic killer. Since then, Queen has proven herself to be very loyal and indispensable, a truly accurate killer that almost always gets her prey.

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