Miranda "Whisper" Elsing, created for The X Institute by Hana.

Character SheetEdit

  • Name: Miranda Elsing
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: Miranda, at 4'11", is a mousy-looking girl, mostly due to the way that she hunches her shoulders forward and tries to be as small and inconspicous as possible. Her hair is a rich chestnut brown, cropped very short to her head in an almost pixie-like cut, though it's begun to grow out a bit. Her eyebrows are thin, due to a nervous habit of picking at them, plucking the hairs away, and her nails are trimmed/bitten very short, almost to the point that she has no more nail than what grows on the nail bed. Her hands are regularly covered by long sleeves, to disguise an almost ever-present tremble in her fingers, and her dark brown eyes are nearly always cast to the floor when they are not looking about in a nervous, panicked sort of way. She is NEVER without either a CD player or an MP3-player, with noise-cancellation type headphones, and a beat-up composition notebook (which is regularly held to her meager chest.) She is slim and almost sickly-looking, as though she's been malnourished, and her skin is very pale from lack of sun exposure.
  • Changes in-game: Miranda now sports a headband made of silvery metal.
  • Personality: Miranda tries to be non-existant. Being the center of attention seems to be like her own personal hell. She is flighty and nervous, and jumps at shadows and sounds...And sometimes nothing at all. She has a few bad habits, such as picking at her eyebrows, biting her nails, and chewing her bottom lip raw, as well a dislike of even talking to other people. When she speaks, it is usually with a halting stutter, and she rarely makes eye contact. Most of the time, she is content to sit somewhere out of the way, with her headphones on and music blaring, writing in her notebook with a crayon (which is always a shade of blue).
  • Changes in-game: She's ever-so-slightly more comfortable with people now, especially those she has decided she can trust (John, Kennedy, Vera, and Hank), and has almost overcome her stutter, though it still creeps into her speech occasionally. She is both calmer and more mercurial, from the effect the students and teachers at the Institute have had on her.