Mina DupuisEdit

JBYaM Mina
Name: Mina Dupuis

Species: Human

Sub-species: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Description: Standing at around 5'5", she is not exceptionally tall for a woman. She has blue eyes and she keeps her blond hair up, usually with a pair of chopsticks. She has a well toned body, which comes with the work, and a narrow face. She tends to dress in business suits as many bodyguards do. Clothing/Weapons: Dressed in a suit, underneath is a bullet resistant vest. Her suit is loose to prevent this from showing, but not so loose as to make her look like a man. She is armed with a pair of handguns, as well as a hidden knife. she keeps them in a back holster outside her shirt, but inside her jacket.

Goal/Occupation: Bodyguard to Jeremy Cornwall. Protect him at all costs.

Personality: Reserved for the most part, Mina cares for those around her not wanting her charge to be injured. She is calm and collected, but can get a little short when people start insulting her employer. Reactive rather than proactive, she takes things as they come, not thinking ahead much.

History: Born into a middle class family, she took up martial arts training since she had to head through a bad part of town to get to school. Excelling in that, her parents made her take classes for defending others as she had to protect her younger brother as well. He did not excel in these matters so he was not able to defend himself the same way she did. When she left high school, she stayed to protect her brother until he was finished then headed on to work for a bodyguard company. Performing minor jobs for the most part until she was 24. That was when she was handpicked by a young investment banker named Jeremy Cornwall to be his personal bodyguard.

Working for Jeremy has been good, she protects him all through the day, even when he is at home. While he is at work the security staff at the building usually takes care so she has time to train and work out while he is doing this. She realized why Jeremy had picked her about a month after her employment began. His wife was pregnant, and this was not turning him on, so he had picked her since he was attracted to her. They have been in an off and on affair ever since, although lately he has been spending more time on work than with his family or her.


  • RP: Just Between You and Me
  • Created/Played by: counterfeitself