Lydia Lancaster, created for Teen Titans: Things Change by Hana.


Name: Lydia Lancaster
Psuedonym: Green Lantern
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Description: Lydia is tall, and sports an athletic physique, which is not hidden in the least by her costume, which consists of a skintight black latex sleeveless turtleneck leotard, black fingerless latex gloves that reach nearly to her shoulders, a VERY short emerald green pleated skirt, and high-heeled black latex boots that are so tall they disappear under the hem of her skirt. On the front chest of the leotard, the black is interrupted by a white circle that bears the Green Lantern symbol within it. Really, she's a study of black and green, her eyes a dark emerald that even the grass would envy, and her hair, which hangs to the small of her back, so dark a black that it shines with green highlights in bright light. She wears her hair mostly down, except for a small portion that is pulled into a ponytail on the side of her head, held with a green bobble tie that matches her skirt.

Unlike most Green Lanterns, Lydia wears her power ring on the middle finger of her left hand, rather than the right.

Powers: Lydia's Green Lantern abilites can do pretty much ANYTHING, and are limited only by her imagination and the inability to affect anything the color yellow. Her powers are bestowed by her ring, which holds a day's worth of energy and must be recharged every morning.


  1. Power ring - The source of her powers. Lydia never removes this ring.
  2. Lantern - The sort of "battery pack" for Lydia's ring. She must recharge her ring at regular intervals, by speaking her own personal Green Lantern Oath: "You may be dark, you may be bad/But I'm the worst nightmare you've ever had/Beyond me, evil cannot pass/Green Lantern's light will kick your ass!"

Allegiance: Good, member of the Green Lantern Corps.


Lydia does not like to share her past, so all that is openly known is that she lived on Oa for three years before being transferred back to earth as a Green Lantern. She is a full-fledged member of the Corps, and follows orders, though sometimes grudgingly.

When not under active orders, Lydia is somewhat of a rebel. She smokes, she curses, and she flirts mercilessly. She's a bad ass, and she knows it, though her actions make many people question why the Oans recruited her for the Corps, what with their standard of morals and decency. To that, Lydia typically lights a cigarette, cocks her head with a smile, and says simply, "I have morals."