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The Leader of the Imperium

The Imperium have only been in power for a few months, and have only just established themselves as rulers of Merchurdon. However they have a lot of power under their thumb, and a lot of connections. Not so much a militaristic organisation (although their influence stretches that far too), but a group of criminal masterminds and powerful sorcerers. It seems they have been working behind the scenes for quite a few years now, slowly gathering fear and support in the criminal world, and manipulating and corrupting the previous government, (and slowly wrapping them around their finger so that they were no more than puppets) before making their move. The first wave of resistance was met with a rather nasty end, proving the Imperium are more than capable of keeping their place as rulers, and aren’t just all talk. Since then, the Imperium and those working for them, having been working hard to make sure that fear will keep the rest of the community in their place. And what with much of the criminal community either working with the Imperium or in support, getting rid of this powerful group is easier said than done. The Imperium all work together as a unit/council, however there is one in particular who could be considered the ring leader...although he’s not known for showing his face much. Not all members of the Imperium are known to the public, having stayed in the background, preferring to let others do the dirty work for them.

The Imperium (Central Members)Edit