Name: Drake Thorn

Species: Hybrid

Sub-species: Chameleon

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Description: Drake is tall, with dull brown hair. His eyes are truly demonic, with his iris' normally being the same deep black as his sclera, but changing to a blood red color when he is angered. He covers his eyes with a combination of green-colored contacts and dark sunglasses. He has bluish-green scales on his wrists and ankles, which he covers by wearing long, black gloves and gun boots, respectively.

Clothing/Weapons: Drake dresses in a black hoodie with dark grey patterns sewn into it, and black jeans. There are blood red(similar to his eyes) lines on his gloves and boots, with the lines on his gloves ending with an arrow on his palm that points towards his fingers. He has several large knives that he keeps in the pockets of his jeans, as well as a xiphoid-type weapon(aka "wristblade") that he keeps on his left arm, although he usually uses his fists instead.

Goal/Occupation: Rescuing his parents, and anyone else he can along the way./Rescue Team Second in Command

Personality: Wise beyond his years, Drake is a master strategist, being able to plan out nearly an entire fight within seconds. He is almost always level-headed and calm, except for very limited times when a fight becomes personal.

History: Even though Drake's parents were Hybrids, their genes were so diluted that they had shown no evidence of being hybrids except for their eyes, which they managed to hide for most of their life. Unfortunately for Drake, the blood from his Demon ancestors came out strong in him, making him a recognizable Hybrid. Being well recognized, his parents had a large amount of money, and managed to escape to their countryside second home, where they were able to stay safe for roughly nine years.

Soon after Drake's ninth birthday, they were discovered, and his parents were captured while helping him escape. He watched from a stand of trees on the edge of the property as his parents were handcuffed, and loaded into an armored van, then driven away. Not knowing what to do, Drake turned and ran as far as he possibly could, eventually collapsing out of fatigue, and blacked out soon after from the same fatigue.

Out of sheer luck, the first one who found him was a member of the Rescue Team, who subsequently took him in. He was still being searched for, and as such could not got to school for fear of discovery. Fortunately, Drake was a child prodigy, and actually needed to learn very little. Instead, he watched those who were older train and plan missions, learning much about combat and stealth in the process. He has been with the Rescue Team since, and will never stop searching for his parents, wanting to discover what happened to them, even if they are dead.


■RP: Just Between You and Me ■Created/Played by: nicomon