Cadenza, created as an NPC for Wheel Wars by Hana.

Cadenza, the Pledge King from Wheel Wars

Character SheetEdit

Name: Cadenza
Age: 17
Gender: Female
AT Path: Ring Road
Rank: Pledge King
Team: Tool Toul To
Signature Move: Infinite Scale
Using Axis, the Pledge Regalia, Cadenza is able to 'control' multiple Tuners through the use of sound. In essence, she multiplies her skill through the regalia, utilizing her team members to do so.

Appearance: Her white hair is cut short into a sleek, face-framing bob, and her grey eyes have an omni-present look that tends to be translated as bored, no matter what it is that she's really feeling. The older teen is typically found wearing whatever she deems comfortable for her short, slender form, usually boot-cut jeans with a black shirt of some sort, and, of course her chucks. She's almost always wearing wristbands or armwarmers of some type, and typically carries some sort of MP3 player (she has a few of them) with only one earbud in, the other left hanging.

She doesn't take too much pride in her appearance, giving the excuse that she doesn't have time for that sort of thing, but rarely seems messy, either. She's just...hip.

Personality: Cadenza, as she's called (no one knows her real name), is a fairly laid back person, as long as nothing goes wrong. When her orders are followed and things are done as they're supposed to be, she grooves, and shares that groove with her "underlings." Otherwise, though, she can become a bit of a bitch, snapping at people when they make mistakes she knows they shouldn't, and ignoring the ignorant. She has zero tolerance for failure, especially if she knows the failing person has talent, and is not shy to express such.

She does have a softer side, but that side is usually only seen on the rare occasions when she uses both earphones, or an actual headset, and immerses herself in music.

The finer points, and anything else about her, she keeps carefully hidden, and not even members of Tool Toul To could tell you what she acts like outside of what is stated.

Background: Who knows? Cadenza's a serious mystery. Rumors of her origins abound, but she's never confirmed or denied any of them, so there are many stories winding their way through TTT and the world of Stormriders.

She never speaks of her life, or obligations outside of TTT, or...anything not related to AT's, really.

It IS known, though, that she can play the cello masterfully, but what insight that gives to her past is anyone's guess.