Name: Aurora Freeman

Gender: Female

Age: Seven

Appearance: Aurora stands at the average height of a seven year old. She dresses in simple blue pinafore dresses with white blouses underneath the pinafore dress. She has light blue eyes and curly straw blonde hair. Upon her back in which she keeps hidden she has large feathery white wings. As a result of her avian DNA she also appears that she has rather hollow and light-weight bones.

Personality: Despite her strange upbringing so far, Aurora is a free spirited child, seeming quite happy most of the time. But when it comes to when she is asked about her past, she cannot remember anything, simply because when she was experimented on and contracted the avian DNA, whoever experimented on her erased her memory. With her personality, she also became quite intelligent from the experiments that were conducted on her.

Background story: Aurora was given up for adoption at birth. Unfortunately for Aurora she was experimented upon and contracted Avian DNA and grew wings and paranormal abilities as a result. Before she ran away and was found by the hunters of “The Orphanage”

Powers and abilities: Telekinesis. Since that she has been genetically experimented on when she was just one years of age, she can now fly with the wings that had grown from her back. She has avian DNA within her genes.

Additional Companions: N/A


  • Creator/Player: Amaranthine Ali